Certifications and Accreditations

Avia Technique obtains and maintains the highest level of integrity through its certifications and accreditations from numerous government and industry organisations, ensuring our services are at the highest level.

AS 9100 Revision D
Certificate Reference: 3350
Held since: 6th February 2014
Exp: 6th February 2023
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CAA EASA Part – 145
Certificate Reference: UK.145.00846
Held since: 19th September 2002
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CAA EASA Part 21 subpart G
Certificate Reference: UK.21G.2347
Held since: 9th September 2004
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Certificate Reference: I8QY183X
Held since: 24th August 2001
Exp: 31st March 2022
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TCCA Transport Canada
Certificate Reference: AT/145/000
TCAA CAR 573 approval, reference number: 808-16.
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DOT Approval
Certificate Reference: 2014110168
Exp: 6th August 2024
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EASA Non-Member State Approval

EASA Third Country Approval
EASA Third Party