Fast TATs & performance reporting

Avia Technique knows what is important to their customers. And as it is our mission to provide the best support possible for our customers, Avia Technique continuously tries to step up their game. During the summer of 2014, Avia Technique analysed its TATs, not because customers felt their 14 day turnaround was not competitive, but because the team felt that they could do more.

The department team leaders and production management came up with ideas to improve the performance. As a result, the goods in process was streamlined, paperwork no longer travels throughout the organization, targets were set for each department and a weekly performance report was introduced (including, in some cases, customer reporting). As a result the average quote time dropped to less than 48 hours and the overall TAT dropped to 10.4 days (including weekends).

The results have not gone unnoticed:

”the average shop processing times for Q4 was very consistent throughout the quarter averaging at 10 days with 93.38% of all units being returned to us within 28 days” – comment on Avia’s supplier scorecard.