The Business Unit Aviation of the SK FireSafety Group specializes in the maintenance of aircraft safety components.

Aircraft safety

Avia’s core capabilities lie in the field of aircraft safety components. Supporting all aircraft types, Avia Technique repairs and overhauls engine fire extinguishers, oxygen bottles, masks, emergency locators as well as life jackets and evacuation slides and rafts.

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Other aircraft components

Whilst Avia Technique specialises in the repair and overhaul of cabin safety equipment, Avia Technique is keen to look at customer specific requirements.

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Value added concepts

Avia Technique tries to accommodate the requests customer have when it comes to providing added services on top of the regular repair and overhaul. At Avia Technique, we are open to setting fixed prices for the repair and overhaul of components, we provide advance exchanges for a large range of our capability and we offer the option of cost per flight hour programs.

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